About Us

The Funeral Consumers Advocacy of London and Windsor encourages simplicity, dignity and moderate cost in funerals. ​We are a member of the Federation of Ontario Memorial Societies which monitors government regulations of the funeral industry and how changes to it may affect consumers.

​Since 1963 we have been a non-profit organization supporting consumers in making informed choices in funeral arrangements.   

We offer unbiased information, for those who wish to plan or pre-plan a funeral, so that consumers can navigate the complex and sometimes confusing world of funeral arrangements.

​We are a volunteer driven organization. 

THE Federation of Ontario Memorial Societies

Funeral Consumers Alliance (FOOMS-FCA)

The Funeral Consumer Advocacy of London and Windsor is one of several organizations around the province that were formerly called “Memorial Societies”. The Federation of Ontario Memorial Societies – Funeral Consumers Alliance (FOOMS-FCA) is the umbrella organization of the various societies.
FOOMS-FCA has for many decades represented the interests of purchaser of funeral services province wide. It dealt with provincial funeral industry organizations and the Ontario Government. Much of the legislation in Ontario that governs the operation of funeral businesses was kept fair and reasonable by the efforts of FOOMS-FCA.

Please visit fooms-fca.org to get a lot more information and to find out what they are doing now.

our history

​​​The Funeral Consumers Advocacy

of London and Windsor​​

The parent of the Funeral Consumers Advocacy of London and Windsor was actually a cooperative funeral home, largely supported through share sales by the Unitarian Fellowship of London. When the managing became too onerous, the funeral home was sold and the profit was divided, part going to UWO for disabled students. The remainder was invested by and managed by the London Community Foundation. The yearly interest was designated for the Memorial Society of London, now called the Funeral Consumers Advocacy of London and Windsor. In the 90's many organizations lost their charitable status, including the Memorial Society of London, which has been fortunate to be able to accept the yearly interest payment from the London Community Foundation, with the assistance of the Daya Centre, a counselling organization which has a major  interest in bereavement services.

We are a volunteer organization that meets regularly throughout the year.

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What do we do? 

1.  We provide information to acquaint the public with the alternatives available in funeral arrangements so that they are better prepared to choose appropriate services and understand the costs involved. 

2.  We honour memberships of people who move here from other societies. 

3.  We send out an annual newsletter to update members on information, current trends, concerns, and important issues.

​4.  We provide information to assist members in pre-arranging their funerals.

5.. We do not restrict members in any way in the type of funerals they choose.

6.  We hold a public annual meeting with a speaker on a topic of current interest.

​7.  We are a member of the umbrella organization FOOMS-FCA (see below), and as such support their work to ensure fair and reasonable business practices in the funeral industry.

8.  We provide information and a way to contact us through our website and Facebook Page. You do not need to be a member of Facebook to access this page.