​​​The Funeral Consumers Advocacy

of London and Windsor​​


We are a volunteer-driven organization. Your donation will help us achieve our goal of providing unbiased information for those who wish to plan or pre-plan a funeral. 


 We provide information to acquaint the public with the alternatives available in funeral arrangements so that they are better prepared to choose appropriate services and understand the costs involved. 

We discuss with transfer service operators, funeral homes and cemeteries the availability of simple, dignified and inexpensive funeral arrangements.

We link members who travel or relocate with societies in other provinces and countries.

We do not restrict members in any way in the type of funerals they choose.

​We provide information to members about the current charges and fees of both transfer service operators, funeral homes and cemeteries.

We encourage pre-arranging funeral plans and discuss pre-paying as an option.

We hold a public annual meeting each spring with a speaker on a topic of current interest.

We send out an annual newsletter to update members on information and important issues. Every second year we include a chart comparing prices of services we offer.

We provide a website and a telephone inquiry service staffed by volunteers in London and district.