​​​​​In light of our philosophy regarding moderate costs, the Funeral Consumers Advocacy of London and Windsor collects and provides to members the charges made by transfer service operators, funeral homes and cemeteries. 

Transfer Service Operators

Transfer operators are licensed to obtain all necessary documentations, to provide a suitable container and to move a body following death.

The transfer service operator provides a plain, unlined container, obtains and delivers the legal papers, and arranges for transportation of the body to the cemetery, crematorium or a private home. There is no embalming. The transfer operator does not provide for visitation or processional cards. A memorial service can be held later, may be either religious or secular and may be held at a church, a chapel at the crematorium, the common room at a retirement home, etc. or anywhere else desired. 

Funeral Homes: Minimal Service

The funeral provider removes the deceased from the place of death and the body may or may not be embalmed. The funeral home obtains the legal papers, provides a plain casket which is placed closed in a reception room for visitation. A velvet pall, available from us, may be used to cover the casket. A religious or secular service may be held at the crematorium or funeral home chapel, in a church, or at graveside. A memorial service (body not present) may be held later wherever desired. 

​​​The Funeral Consumers Advocacy

of London and Windsor​​